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Melamine suspension sound-absorbing

Material: is made of melamine for deep processing production of a suspension from indoor sound absorption structures, special 3D mesh structure (pictured to the right) can effectively eliminate the reflection wave, enables the sound waves can easily enter the deep sound absorbers and change for vibration energy is consumed and absorbed. It has good workability, can be made into a flat plate shape, semi circle, circle, boat shaped, S-shaped and so on, beautiful appearance. The proportion of the material is very light, which is suitable for being suspended from the roof.

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Acoustic performance: the absorption coefficient is above 0.9, the audio performance of the

500 -4000Hz particularly outstanding.

Fire performance: reach national  B1  standard, and has permanent flame retardant performance, does not add any flame retardant, in burning coke and does not produce drip. Traditional sound absorbing foam flame retardant materials change and smoke suppressant filling tend to bring increased toxicity and cost improvement of side effects, and contrary to environmental protection requirements.

Environmental protection: without the inhalation of glass fiber, artificial mineral fiber, halogen, and heavy metals such as CFC, the health of food hygiene requirements.

Scope of application: it is mainly used in high noise workshop and reverberation sound more prominent place, especially for pipeline structure in complex environment and workshop is more convenient in installation. It can also be used in existing housing noise processing, can not damage the original structure of the building, does not affect the original equipment normal operation of, is in favor of saving investment.

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